Life’s a jounery

Enjoy it while it lasts


Don’t fret

When the sun sets

a new day is just around the corner 

Its all about the simple things

That makes life worth living

The hours pass

The seconds tic down

Life keeps going

So why are you standing still

Windows to the Soul

A reflection in a mirror

a echo in the wind

whispers in the dark

a cold chill in the air

the tide rises

a storm is brewing

waves crashing against the rocks

the clouds break

dawn rises

a uncharted territory

a undiscovered map

a treasure to be discovered

a new adventure to partake

so many emotions

so much to see

walls built so high

a unpenetrable fortress

closed off from the world

a never ending story

a song on repeat

a soul that runs deep

promises that can’t be kept

Hold On

Have faith and keep holding on things will get better

Even if it seems like the world around you is falling apart

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