Just remember the butterfly 🦋 was once a caterpillar 🐛


Up in the sky

With the clouds and birds

A gentle breeze blows

The sounds of laughter and cheers come from below

Music in the distance playing a familiar tune

Shinning bright as the sun

Smiles and good fun

Just a  moment in time

A memory to last forever 


Shattered glass

Broken pieces

Empty shell

What was once is now gone

In its absence is a new start

A new begining

A chance to mend and put it all back together

Only time will tell 

but the scars will remain forever

Heart of a lion 

The soul of a gypsy

spirit of a unicorn

Love of a child 

The clouds roll in

The sky darkens

Thunder crashing

Ground shaking

Lightning flashing

Pouring rain

Just another day 

Through the storm

There’s hidden beauty and gems everywhere you see

You just have to look closely to find it 

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